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Monday, September 27, 2004

First Post

I'm not totally in the mood to post, but it seems fitting that my first post would be from Cafe Guru's in Eastport, so I'm going for it. I'm also not entirely sure about this blog host thing, because it's not the open-ended website space I was looking for, but it's guided enough to maybe make my blog more user friendly. Plus, it's free. And I'm cheap. So this morning was a typical couch-hoppers morning. I didn't feel like driving to Chesapeake Beach last night at 11 when I was done having coffee, so I shamelessly knocked on the door of my old house in Eastport and watched an episode of some TV show with the roommate who took my place as penance for asking for a place to crash. In the morning, a few random housemates wandered through the living room wondering who was crashed on the couch, and I eventually got up, brushed my teeth, and took off for a jog around Quiet Waters, which was most excellent. I wasn't ready to lave naptown, so I crashed a marina bathroom, showered, and walked to Guru's. Everything I need is in my trunk, and I'm not in a hurry to get it out, although my to-do list calls and I'll probably re-enter the land of the normal and unpack today.

This past weekend was awesome. My dad trailered the F27 trimaran up to Annapolis. Denise flew in from Charlotte at the same time as I did from Madison and we met Dad and Mike at Herrington Harbour late Friday. Not much wind Saturday morning, so we had a great time taking in the day in Annapolis, and got on the water when the breeze picked up around 3:30. Denise and Dad tried to figure out a place for a cap, Mike held down the front trampolines, and I trimmed the sails to my fickle pointing all evening. The boat graciously climbed to around 7 knots in the light wind, and we watched the sun go down and the moon come up (thanks to Denise) as we headed in. Our timing and spirits couldn't have been better. Sunday we had fun navigating back to Breezy Point--Dad and Denise put the finishing touches on their crossword, and I tried to find the optimal angle for sailing downwind in the extremely light air. We attracted a lot of attention from Calvert Countians as we pulled our crazy contraption of the boat out of the water. The weekend was the realization of two years of hoping for a chance to sail with my Dad on the bay, just in time. Thanks, Dad.

Jeez, I hate to see what I'm capable of when I *am* in the mood to post.


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